A Timeless Mystery
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A Timeless Mystery
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A TIMELESS MYSTERY tells the story about the American artist Laura Hunter and her husband photographer William Maxwell Hunter. Around 1936 Laura finds an old bottle on an Indian beach and is confronted with its mysterious powers. Inexplicable flashback allow her to make contact with Isabelle Nolet and the ancient history of the Schiedam Nolet Distillery, creators of Nolet’s timeless and exemplary Dry Gin.

A TIMELESS MYSTERY, a film by Pieter-Rim de Kroon is produced for Nolet Distillery to support the introduction of NOLET’S SILVER & NOLET’S RESERVE Dry Gin.

At The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, A TIMELESS MYSTERY received the highest award, the festival Grand Prix

The film also received the awards for Best Marketing Communications, Best Music (composed by Maarten Spruijt) and Best Direction.

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image character
Caro Lensen
Isabelle Nolet
image character
Thekla Reuten
Laura Hunter
image character
Roef Ragas
William Hunter
image character
Derek de Lint
Nolet Sr.