Pieter-Rim de Kroon is a highly acclaimed director/producer of distinguished feature documentaries and branded films for premium consumer goods

De Kroon’s latest film, Silence of the Tides, was released at IDFA 2020 and received a Special Jury Mention. The film was also selected for the IDFA Extended program. At the Natourale Nature & Environment Festival in Wiesbaden, Germany Silence of the Tides received the award for best feature length film. Silence of the Tides is a film that inhales and exhales along with the tides of the Wadden Sea as it explores the fragile relationship between man and nature. Silence of the Tides will be released in cinema’s in The Netherlands and Germany in 2021.

Currently Pieter-Rim is researching and developing ‘Cloud Busting’, a cinematic tribute to the cloud. A film for the big screen about the relation between clouds and climate change.



• Opening film International Wildlife Film Festival 2021
• Opening film Northern Film Festival 2021
• Opening film Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival China 2022

• Special Jury Mention IDFA 2020
• Selection IDFA Extended
• Best feature film Natourale Nature & Environment Festival Wiesbaden 2020
• WWF Award Thessaloniki Film Festival Greece 2021
• Nomination best feature documentary Netherlands Film Festival
• Nomination best sound design Netherlands Film Festival
• Grand Prix Wildlife International Film Festival 2021
• Award for special contribution to Northern Cinema/Northern Film Festival 2021
• Best Cinematography Shape of Life International Film Festival Perm, Russia 2021
• Berlinale 2021 selection
•Audience Awards Festival by the Sea Schiermonnikoog
Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival China
•Best Documentary Director Award & Nomination Best of Festival


Silence of the Tides is the book about the film that presents a stunning selection of images that ‘read’ like a film.

The images were sourced from the 146,880 frames that make up the 102-minute-long film. These Cinemascope ‘film frames’, which are the basis for the book, were personally selected by director Pieter-Rim de Kroon. So, the concept of the director’s cut takes on a special dimension.

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Research and development for CLOUD BUSTING, a feature documentary about odic forces, orgone energy and climate change.


It’s is a wrap.16 months on the road. 150 shooting days in Denmark Germany and The Netherlands for Silence of The Tides.
A cinematic portrait for cinema about the largest tidal wetlands in the world, The Wadden Sea. A film about the relationship between man and nature. The driving force of the film is the inhaling and exhaling of the tides. A film of cycles and contrasts throughout the seasons, life and death, storm and silence, the masses and the individual. All set against a backdrop of sky, water, wind, mist and constantly changing light.
Released in 2020, 4K and Dolby Atmos.

36 VIEWS & A DAY IN A LIFE are selected for CAMERA JAPAN FESTIVAL 2018

Sunday September 30 >>

Thunderbird Classic Invitational, 1959


A short documentarey about Arnold Palmer who was known around the world as one of the greatest and most charismatic golfers in the sport’s history.
Arnold and his wife Winny played a major role in raising funds and awareness for charities, all with the help of his huge crowd of fans, famously known as Arnies Army.
‘Dear Arnold, This One’s For You’ was sponsored by Nolet Spirits USA.

A DAY IN A LIFE is selected for the L’OR GOLDEN CALF competition

at the 37th. edition of the Netherlands Film Festival 2017. >>
Premiere September 23rd.

Dancin’ The Camera

wins Award of Excelence Best Shorts Competition USA 2016

The Iconic Cocktail, ‘The Martini’

wins a Silver and a Gold Dolphin
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2016.

Gold Dolphin : Category Marketing Communications Business To Consumer.
Silver Dolphin : Category Leisure, Arts & Lifestyle

Winning Awards
My films
  • A film that inhales and exhales along with the tides of the Wadden Sea as it explores the fragile relationship between man and nature. Silence of the Tides is a cinematic tribute to the Wadden Sea, the world’s largest, and most varied, uninterrupted intertidal area, extending along the coasts of...
  • A classic love story between a tap dancer, a piano player and a 1922 hand cranked 35mm motion-picture camera. The camera as the camera, character and stage. A rhythmical journey of discovery across the magical world of the mechanical and analogue black-and-white film, where illusion lifts reality. Seduced by the...
  • F.I.S.H.I.N.G is both a refreshing and exceptional film dedicated to what may well be the most remarkable national sport in the Netherlands: fishing. In this 90 minutes’ documentary, the filmmakers unprejudicedly dive into an unknown world of anglers and fish. Above water and underneath it. Two parallel worlds, carefully separated...
  • A slow film that transmits the experience of time as in reality, revealing the beauty of the small of everyday. A modest observation of humanity and nature. Filmed in 24 hours on board of the ‘Ni Ho De’ run by the Yamatake family in the Suruga bay and their small...
  • But the German artist Joseph Beuys suggested that it lost its extraordinary radiance after the reclamation of large parts of the Zuyder Zee in the mid-1950s. And that, he said, brought an end to a visual culture that dated back to the 17th century. According to Beuys, sight was the...

‘I am an eye. I am a mechanical eye.
I, a machine, I am showing you a world, the likes of which only I can see’
Dziga Vertov